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About us

BACIO ITALIA” is a trademark but also a name which indicates that its products are made of so much passion, love, warmth and skill which make it really hard not to appreciate its extreme palatability, and so we are driven to believe that these products are precisely "heaven sent".

BACIO ITALIA” products are particularly tasty and totally genuine because of the extreme choice of its main ingredients of the highest quality. All this happens by making each single product based on recipes that have been refined through several generations and ancient culinary traditions. All these steps ensure a perfect balance of both taste and nutritional value.

BACIO ITALIA” is the result that came out from a large number of ideas, dreams, projects, aims to promote the genuine and the typical products of Abruzzo, its tradition behind each single product and at last giving the nutritional quality of its products. A very difficult road, considering the competitiveness of a market that is offering products built on the price and quantity lacking quality but we totally believe in this project and that in the long run "BACIO ITALIA" will be appreciated even by the most demanding consumers.

BACIO ITALIA” works with skilled partners who are totally flexible in meeting any customer’s request.